Bob Oliver

Executive Director

Pollution Probe

Bob Oliver is the Executive Director at Pollution Probe. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University, and brings more than fifteen years experience managing industrial projects and developing strategies for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

At the helm of Pollution Probe, one of Canada’s oldest and most respected environmental organizations, Bob has built strong relationships with government and industry to advance practical solutions to environmental challenges. Recently, Bob built a collaborative partnership between the Canadian Automobile Association and Pollution Probe to promote "eco-mobility" – a plan to reduce automobile emissions that views the driver, the vehicle and the road as part of an integrated system.

Prior to becoming executive director, Bob established the Transportation Program at Pollution Probe, initiating effective campaigns to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation activity in Canada. Bob has researched and authored several major Pollution Probe reports on transportation technology and policy, including Greenhouse Gas and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards for Canada, and has been a contributing author on other important publications, including Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s Sustainable Development Business Case on Industrial Freight Transportation.

Bob is a member of many expert advisory panels and steering committees, including the National Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency, the Steering Committee for Canada’s Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap, the Advisory Group to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Secretariat’s Independent Study on Sustainable Freight Transportation in North America, the Green Mining Initiative Advisory Committee and the Great Lakes Canadian Stakeholder Advisory Panel.

Before joining Pollution Probe, Bob worked at Marbek Resource Consultants in Ottawa, focusing on environment and energy management program development for government and industry clients. He has worked at Cintas Corporation, increasing the energy efficiency and productivity levels of production plants in Canada and the U.S. through improved operations logistics, equipment modernization and programs to conserve water and energy. He has additional experience in intelligent transportation systems design and hazardous-source radiation detection systems in the heavy transport industry.

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