Michael Cole

Project Coordinator, Fleet Management Centre
Ministry of Transportation

Michael Cole coordinates the Fleet Management Centre (FMC) located within the Ministry of Transportation for the Province of Ontario.  The Ontario Public Service (OPS) fleet consists of approximately 8,100 vehicles which is a mix of passenger, light duty vehicles and equipment. 

The FMC through its partnership with the OPS Green Office has established revised GHG and fuel reduction targets which translate to a goal of reducing the OPS’s fuel consumption by 8 million litres by 2014.  That translates into a reduction of more than 21,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases that would have been produced through the consumption of those fuels.

The Green Fleet Strategy components and their related sub targets are interdependent and are regularly evaluated to ensure they continue to be appropriate in achieving the GHG reduction target.

Drastic cuts call for drastic measures – lots of them. There’s no one solution that will get us anywhere near our goals, we have to use a combination of strategies to reach our goal of reducing emissions.  Recognizing that there are no “Silver Bullets” the FMC has adopted the “Silver Buckshot” approach.

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