September 15, 2010

The City of Toronto is pleased to release the Green Vehicle Evaluation and Selection Tool (GVEST). The GVEST is an Excel-based tool that compares green vehicle technologies based on emissions of greenhouse gases and smog-causing pollutants, and approximate lifetime cost. The purpose of the tool is to help fleet managers choose green medium- and heavy-duty vehicles for their fleets so that we can collectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The City of Toronto is providing the GVEST and User Guide to fleet managers free-of-charge.

Currently, the tool can be used for garbage trucks, cube vans and aerial towers. It compares technologies based on lifecycle emissions (for Ontario fleets only) and tailpipe emissions. The tool can be easily customized by fleet managers to identify the best green technologies for their fleet's operations. The GVEST was funded by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund and developed by ENVIRON EC (Canada), Inc. for the City of Toronto Fleet Services Division as part of their Green Fleet Plan.

Fleet Managers can receive their free GVEST and User Guide by contacting:

Sarah Gingrich 
Business Development & Improvement Analyst 
Fleet Services City of Toronto 
Tel: 416-392-4397 
Fax: 416-392-7301 

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