Philip Breault, Analyst

Philip Breault is new to the Fleet Challenge team and is having fun learning the ropes.

He has a lifetime commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability stemming from his childhood in Northern Ontario and his Aboriginal ancestry. He now wants to add the business aspect of environmental sustainability to his education.

Philip attended the University of Western Ontario and completed a Bachelor in Science (B.Sc) before enrolling in a Master's in Environment and Sustainability (MES) program. He completed his MES internship hours with Fleet Challenge in September 2010 and remains with the team in a contract position.

His passion and knowledge for sustainable living evolved through multiple academic exchanges. In 2004, he completed a field course in marine biology at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, where he studied marine mammals and sustainable tourism. In 2008, Philip went on a yearlong academic exchange to Stuttgart, Germany where he attended Hohenheim University and studied the effects of climate change in Europe.

Philip has been an active environmental steward throughout his professional career as well. He worked at the Severn Sound Environmental Association in Midland, Ontario, as a sampling technician and completed several projects including water conservation based initiatives. He also worked at the Georgian Bay Islands National Park in Georgian Bay as a Park Interpreter and had several encounters with the Massassauga Rattlesnake

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