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Our transformational initiatives: Fleet Challenge has built a solid performance record of leading green initiatives and influencing government policy as principals in the evolving green transportation movement.  Our collaborative approach with government and private business clients has a proven track record of achieving excellent results while building long-term relationships. 



Ontario Municipal Fleet Review Program

The Fleet Review is a green fleet optimization program designed on similar principles to LEED© for buildings and is Canada’s leading initiative in this area. Supported by the government of Ontario, FC works with each municipality's fleet management team to evaluate a broad range of management options that include fuel efficiency, vehicle selection, maintenance techniques, asset management, through to computer systems and end-of-cycle disposal of surplus vehicles.

Police And Ems (PEMS) Vehicle Idling Reduction Project

In January 2009, Fleet Challenge, with the support of the government of Ontario, launched the PEMS project and subsequently developed HIRS (Hybrid Idle Reduction System).  This pioneering innovative technological solution has the potential to reduce harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from these vehicles by as much as 37% (almost 40,0002 tonnes) annually through reduced idling, while potentially improving worksite air quality for police and paramedic 1st responders. 

Fleetwise EV300 Program

The FleetWise EV300 program works with public and private fleets to transition the integration of electric vehicles through information sharing, performance monitoring and vehicle purchasing assistance.  We take some of the risk out of acquiring leading-edge technology. Read more

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