The Fleet Review Program provides participating municipalities with a detailed set of reports and a synopsis providing an objective and comprehensive roadmap to improved fleet efficiency.

Participation in the Fleet Review Program is the first step in obtaining an E3 Green Fleet Rating.


What information is required to quality for participation in the Fleet Review program?

At a minimum, you will need to provide one year’s worth of fleet data, as outlined by the program.   We will provide the suggested format for data collection. An example of basic data is: fuel consumed and kilometres travelled. Expanded reporting is available if fleets provide above-minimum data, for example: unit age, downtime, repair and maintenance cost history, etc. 


How many hours would be required of an individual staff member to facilitate the implementation of the program?

The time required for the data collection phase of the Fleet Review Program is dependent upon your current data set. The number of hours will be less for those who have detailed and organized systems with statistics at the ready, however this is not the usual scenario.

Most fleets are in varying stages of data collection and data maintenance. It may take a few hours or days, or up to a couple of weeks to assemble the necessary data; it depends on the integrity and structure of your fleet information.

Fleet Challenge is available and happy to assist in this process.  Communication can be via phone call, site visit, or other.

Following the submission of your fleet’s data an in-depth analysis is conducted by Fleet Challenge, a comprehensive report is produced and delivered to you.  Subsequently FC arranges to meet with you and your staff to discuss the report and answer all questions. Throughout the project, Fleet Challenge is pleased to offer advice and expertise, and assist you.

Our fleet of vehicles are mostly used for ‘on call’ situations. For the most part, they don’t follow predetermined routes and don’t haul cargo. Is the Fleet Review Program effective for this type of fleet?

Yes! There are many instances when the Fleet Review has identified: ‘outlier’ vehicles; patterns where duty cycles or vehicles sizes could be optimized; older or out of date vehicles that should be retired; the optimal fleet average age based on capital acquisition and use, etc..

The fundamental benefit of the Fleet Review is that it provides a detailed overview of a fleet’s business practices and thereby provides a fleet manager with a platform of facts and figures from which to evaluate and articulate business decisions.

The report shows the cost-effectiveness of current fleet management decisions and identifies options for improvement.

The tasks associated with day-to-day fleet management can be urgent and of high priority. The Fleet Review reports provide fleet operators with relevant data from which to assess and validate fleet management decisions and actions. The customized checklist helps to monitor success and plan for the future

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