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2011 postings

Fleet Challenge has joined FLEETS for CHANGE (FFC), a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action.  Having partnered with the US Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) this initiative is now an international program about working with fleets to encourage and assist them in making a commitment to achieve a 20% reduction in GHGs. Read more »

February 2011 postings

Fleets For Change

Fleet Challenge joins the Clinton Global Initiative 'Fleets For Change' in association with the U.S. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Donlen.

U.S. DOT Releases NHTSA Study Results On Toyota Acceleration Problems

U.S. Department Of Transportation Says NHTSA Study Finds No Electronic-Based Cause For Unintended High-Speed Acceleration in Toyota Vehicles

NASA engineers found no electronic flaws in Toyota vehicles capable of producing the large throttle openings required to create dangerous high-speed unintended acceleration incidents, according to the results of an extensive ten-month study launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at the request of Congress.  The U.S. Department of Transportation released results of the study on Tuesday, February 8.

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Enviro-fleets Workshop: Tools And Tips To Reduce Emissions

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Enviro-Fleets project is holding regional workshops for fleet managers interested in greening heavy-duty vehicles in their municipal fleets. These FREE all-day workshops will teach you innovative ways to reduce fuel consumption and save money as you go green. You will also have ample opportunities to network with and learn from other fleet managers. 

FCM invites you to join us at our next workshop delivered in partnership with FPInnovations on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Please note this workshop will be delivered in French. To register for this workshop, or to find out more about this project, visit Enviro-Fleets on FCM's Green Municipal Fund(tm) website http://gmf.fcm Read more »

Green Fleet Expo VI, presented by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in partnership with the City of Toronto, Fleet Services Division; the City of Hamilton, Public Works Department and Fleet Challenge is open for registrations!  Read more

NAFA's Sustainable Fleet Awards

Remember to Submit Your Entry by Monday, February 28, 2011...

Have you or someone you know implemented an innovative idea to increase overall fleet efficiency while reducing energy consumption or vehicle emissions? 

Submit your entry for NAFA's Sustainable Fleet Awards today! 
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